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About Us

Journey begins towards building automation infrastructure for every type of businesses that are in need.

Invariance Automation is a startup incubated under SIIC IITK, working in the area of PCB fabrication and assembly line development.

Motivation: Lack of automation engages the population in low income, less skilled, repetitive jobs. When automation process is analysed from bottom up approach many times it need not be a costly affair. We want to work towards fulfilling the vaccuum that exist in providing quality solutions for most automation needs of small and medium scale industries in India. 

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Our current endeavour

We are developing automation machines for SMD component assembly over PCB clad board. This require CNC machines for picking and placing the small surface mounted components into its position precisely in a fast rate. Also we needed temperature profile for creating perfections in the soldering of the SMD components. Automatic optical inspection for correctly identifying the nature and location of soldering error if it occurs in the soldering process so that it can be corrected. 

PCB assembly process.jpg

PCB drilling CNC

We have developed a simple CNC for milling and drilling PCB copper clad board and it is currently available in Amazon.

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Pick and Place prototype

CNC head picks SMD components and places over the designated position in correct orientation.

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